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Darren Clarke

Chief UAV Pilot and Systems Trainer

Pedram Nowroozi

Precision Agriculture / Integration Specialist


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  • Are you a Farmer ?  Arborist ? City Planner ?  Photographer ?  Real Estate agent ?  Agronimist ?
  • Do you manage  Parks ?   Land ?  Green Houses ?   Large Gardens ?  Forestry ?
  • Want to know if Drones can help you ?
  • Dont know where to start, what questions to ask ?
  • Find out what Transport Canada requires for you to operate legally and safely
  • This 1 day course is designed for you !
  • Through the use of multispectral imagery, it is now possible to tailor crop management practices to maximize yield and increase profit using a drone.
  • However, capturing, processing, and analyzing complex datasets to extract meaningful information can be a daunting task.
  • OmniView Tech and Clarion Drone Academy have teamed up to walk you through the dos and dont’s of collecting and analyzing multispectral data, and to demonstrate how it can have a positive impact on your Ag business.

• Best practices for accurate, in-field data collection

• How to make image processing fast, easy, and accurate

• Tips to develop fast, efficient workflows to extract meaningful information from your collect

• How you can monitor crop health down to individual plant level

• Ways in which other customers use and benefit from multispectral imaging

  • How to integrate multispectral sensors in your current operations
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