Corporate Photo

Darren Clarke

Chief UAV Pilot and Systems Trainer / Flight Reviewer

Gord Millar

Sr. Ground School Instructor


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Ground School


  • This ONE (1) Day class is directly aimed at Student Pilots wanting to pass a Flight Review for Advanced RPAS operations.
  • Students DO NOT have to complete the Level 2 Knowledge Requirements before attending but are encouraged to have their online Transport Canada Advanced exam completed before arriving in class.
  • Please DO NOT attend an IN CLASS event (Level 3) unless you have been confirmed to do so.
  • Students will also be given their IN CLASS RPAS (drone) exam for the (ROC-A) Restricted Operator Certificate for use of aviation radio. Once successfully passed, the instructors will send your test results to Industry Canada and they will at their own discretion send the student a radio licence via mail.
  • The one (1) Day class also features a discussion on Special Flight Operating Certificates (SFOC) and Mission Planning which will involve map reading and situational awareness.
  • Most of the day is spent on Mission Planning with Classification of Airspace determination and how to conduct your flights legally and safely for Advanced permit pilots.
  • Students are broken into small teams so that ALL students are involved and practice with the Mission Planning.
  • Course does NOT include any hands-on RPAS flying.