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Darren Clarke

Leading Pilot Recruiter & UAV Systems Trainer

Gord Millar

Sr. Ground School Instructor


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Ground School


  • Our Level 2 UAV Operator Permit Course has been made to cover all the essential theory and practical knowledge needed to be legal and safe. 
  • Imagine yourself as a Fully Trained UAV Commercial Pilot
  • You can make $$$$ flying a UAV and doing what you enjoy !
  • Clarion Drone Academy is on Transport Canada’s approved teaching list
  • This course is perfect for:
  • New drone pilots with NO aviation experience
  • Pilots of recreational and commercial drones
  • Crew members working as Visual Observers or UAV team members
  • Pilots of ALL ages have taken our course ( 13yrs – 76yrs)
  • Transport Canada has proposed to make it mandatory in 2018 for all drone pilots to have knowledge training  .
  • By signing up for Level 2 UAV Operator Permit Course today, you can take the course now and get additional content on new regulations once they come into effect.
  •  Once the course is completed your graduation certificate can be printed on line and must be included with your Special Flight Operating Certificate (SFOC) application to Transport Canada
  • You’ll be automatically notified when new content is added .
  • This course complies with the newest revision of Transport Canada’s TP15263 Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems (UAV) 25kg or Less, Operating within Visual Line of Sight.
  • On -line E Learn  (Anywhere , Anytime)
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