Bruce McPherson is the President of Clarion Drone Academy Inc. and Dean of Unmanned Systems Training.    Bruce received his Degree in Electronics from Georgian College in Barrie in 1988 before becoming the Supervising Manager for the automation division of Lake Ontario Steel which was located in Whitby.  During his ten year career at Lake Ontario Steel, Mr McPherson developed a medical software company, “Medsoft Canada” Ltd.,  which specialized in working with Optometrists. In addition to working with Optometric clinics, in 1999 Mr McPherson branched off to a new area of interest at Pointer Avionics Ltd. as the Senior Sales and Service Director and by 2000 bought out the managing partners. Seeing a need for new search and rescue technology, Mr. McPherson embarked on developing Canada’s only company with state of the art aircraft emergency beacon technology sometimes known as the ‘black box’ . He has significant experience leading certification projects with various authorities around the world including Transport Canada, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the European Aviation Safety Agency.    Bruce is also the creator of “Flyte Clone”, a mobile tracking app used for the general aviation and the unmanned aerial vehicle industry, otherwise known as drones.   In the last year , Bruce has directed  the Clarion Drone Academy into the emerging drone markets and has worked with clients in various markets including search and rescue, forestry, policing, mapping and agriculture.  Bruce has experience in the development and delivery of training for UAV’s, design certification and regulatory updates.


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
Level 1 UAV Flight Training - BeginnerLevel 1 UAV Flight Training - Beginner8 HoursJanuary 01, 1970


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Agricultural Drones - Lets Get You Started - UOIT Day0 daysJuly 26, 2018