• David Cooke, owner of CANDA (Cooke & Associates Inc. is an ex-military pilot and combat flying instructor with over 30 years in aviation.
  • Along with a Standing SFOC ( Canadian drone pilot authorization ) from Transport Canada, he holds a current Canadian Commercial pilot’s license including multi-engine and turbine, fixed and rotary-wing endorsements.
  • As a low level helicopter pilot in the RCAF, he has logged over 3000hrs “nap-of-the-earth” experience flying recce helicopters in Canada, US and NATO.
  • After retirement it was a natural transition for him to become a drone pilot. His professional experience operating in commercial airspace, understanding of Transport Canada regulations and protocols along with his flying skills makes him a well qualified drone pilot for virtually any mission under the new RPAS PART IX this June.
  • CANDA now works with naturalist, videographers, city planners, construction sites, real estate agents, security and tourist organizations.


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
Level 4 - Flight Review for pilots wanting to fly their RPAS in the Advanced environmentJanuary 03, 2019