• Jan holds the Civil and Commercial Unmanned Aerial System Safety Training Certificate , Restricted Operator Certificate with Aeronautical Qualification (ROC-A) from Industry Canada, and is Pre-Solo Test of Air Regulations (PSTAR) qualified.
  • When not out on client sites working, Jan commits his time to regular test flights of the company’s fleet of RPAS’s to ensure consistently reliable, work-ready performance of each unit.
  • Jan has extensive knowledge and experience in every aspect of safe and reliable commercial RPAS operations, including seven years experience in the operation management role of JZAerial Inc. (since inception). He also has over thirty years of remotely operated aircraft design and flying experience, the last seven years of which has been with operating RPAS’s. Jan personally developed all of the company’s protocols and procedures to ensure maximum operational safety at all times.
  • Under Jan’s leadership JZAerial Inc. has had a clean operational record with zero incidents or accidents.